::Welcome to my Slice of Word::

Here I will be posting very raw and amateur photos that I take as well as art of other mediums.

I'm here to learn, grow, and meet various other sorts of artists.

::The Person::

[1] I like conversations. I think it is something in itself the many adventures you can have by speaking with someone. So don't be afraid for casual talk and I'll try to push myself in the same direction. I get a little shy at times.

[2] I draw and write and photo take. Simple enough.

[3] I Roleplay. Avidly. I love the creative activity of visiting new lives and settings with other people. Don't be scared to write a story with me if you hobby the same like.

[4] I avidly game on xbox so I usually fade off at times.

::More to be added as we play::

Until then~ off to view the site.


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    Thankies for the following <3

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    Welcome to Weasyl Haha.

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      Why thank you, you outstanding stranger you...

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    Thank you for following me c:

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    Reading that and watching your Avatar..... tickles me. Don't feel dumb~ know that the image of my name is truly a task! ...or... something?... :D

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    EVERYTIME I SEE YOUR NAME I THINK IT SAYS VISUALLY EXCITED. Then I realize it doesn't and feel a little dumb.