Ten little indians by viscol

Ten little indians


14 April 2016 at 11:37:26 MDT

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    Hy there.

    For today, I have an sketch, made with pencile. It is an reproduction from an old illustrations, from 1800 or something like that. I found it on flickr commons I think, and I keep it. I like it very much, because I think it have an happy, funny and silly vibe. I love it, and that's why I want to reproduce it.

    It is an sketch made for fun, and it represent an little balck guy but an fierce an brave one. He doesn't care it had only underwear if he had an sword he is ready to charge.

    I think I say it in the past, I like the old artwork, the old illustrations, old cover book, movie posters etc. I was shocked, or surprised sometimes because some of those artworks are pretty... naughty. Our ancesters wasn't so shy, cause you got drug or booze references, naked women and those type of things but in an artistic or comercial ways. :)

    This sketch, got the name "Ten little indians", because this illustrations remind me of an Agatha Christie' book with the same name. If you like it, I'l invite you on my blog, you can find other drawings on my Desene in creion" category.