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Vir || Leo • INTJ • illustration / game design / editing
         [ pron.: they/them or he/him ]

Hello and bienvenue!

I'm a nonbinary artist working on personal slice of life and paranormal illustrations; I'm also available for freelance. I graduated from the University of Montevallo in May 2017 with a BS in art and a minor in game studies and design.

I love the interactive nature of games, especially of the tabletop variety, as well as the wide world of webcomics, and the beauty inherent in sport and dance. My works are primarily portraiture, but I'll also illustrate game assets and do design work. I enjoy food and cute things.



Latest Journal

Checking In

on 2 June 2017 at 13:05:31 MDT

Well hello! I just want some updates here.

Long radio silence has been in part because I wasn't sure how best to curate this gallery, but I think I'll start cross-posting everything here as well. I'll still be figuring out how best I want to organize the gallery. I'll be staggering a few posts from the past few months.

Also been busy! Graduated the first week of May and just moved out to Berkeley. Been having a long, hard look at what to do in the days to come.

It's exciting though! Nerve-wracking, but exciting.

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    You really have some amazing skills :3 Your gallery is absolutely wonderful, and it was a treat to go thru it all <3

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      oh! Thank you so much; that means a lot to hear~ =ヮ=

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    You're very welcome! It was a rather nice piece ^_^

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      daw glad to hear it!

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    Thanks for following! :)

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      You're most welcome!