Commission: I'm Sorry I Asked by Vir-no-Vigoratus

Commission: I'm Sorry I Asked


6 January 2018 at 15:49:49 MST

Commission for SqueakyElLobo also featuring the resident evil rabbit

Dr. Sasha seems to be getting awfully peeved with his newest charge's constant yammering.
Probably about time he did something about it : T

2 hours of work

Edit: For the curious, there's the wall of text!
I like corn did you know that there's different types of corn that's pretty cool there is yellow corn and white corn and caramel corn and popcorn and creamed corn and buttered corn and corn on the cob and kettle corn and chocolate corn there's also candy corn but that's gross cuz it's not real corn do you like corn I like corn I also like sushi it's really good it has fish do you think there is any corn sushi I would like some corn sushi can you get me some corn sushi? What are you writing are you a writer I always wanted to write and draw I draw pictures of corn and fish and sushi and rivers and lakes and oceans and seas because that's where the fish comes from did you know that they used to use fish to fertilize corn it's true they would just bury it right in the ground so in a way when you are eating corn you are also eating fish isn't that neat I bet you didn't know that not a lot of people do.

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