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Witchwood by Violetheart4081



"Alright, Dorothy, calm down. Just because you’re lost and hurt in a random forest in the middle of the night doesn’t mean you’re going to die here… R-Right?"

Being a witch came with its fair share of positives and negatives. Alright, it honestly came with more negatives, and Dorothy knew about them all too well. Being a witch wasn't exactly seen as a good thing, and when she finds herself lost in a forest, she already expects danger to end her at any moment. It doesn't help when she's alone and hurt, leaving her at her most vulnerable to the ghostly shadows creeping in every corner. However, when she finds herself facing an offer from a mysterious being in the darkness, Dorothy's fate may prove to contain just a sliver of positivity after all.


This here is Witchwood, a small yet original story I wrote inspired from a scene I played through in AI Dungeon! If you don't know what AI Dungeon is, it is basically Dungeons & Dragons (more or less) but with an AI. If you like random creativity coming your way and bringing you to who knows where, then I highly highly recommend playing it. :>

If you're interested, here's the scene Witchwood is based off of from the AI Dungeon site itself!:

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I hope you enjoy reading Witchwood! ^v^

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