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Whispers of the Moon by Violetheart4081

Whispers of the Moon


Whispers of the Moon is a little original story I wrote a while back. I originally didn't plan to post it anywhere, but whatever goes, I suppose ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Here's a short blurb about it: Diana is the sole moon priestess of her tribe. She often speaks to their moon goddess, Cresenta, and this time, things have become more desperate than ever. A mysterious plague has arrived, threatening to wipe out her and her people. On a full moon, Diana asks Cresenta for advice, hoping the goddess will listen to her pleas, but to her dismay, not even she knows. However, her request was not done in vain - Cresenta offers the limited knowledge she knows, clues that will help Diana heal her tribe, and the priestess may prove herself to be her tribe's savior after all.