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To Timpani by Violetheart4081

To Timpani


(Description is from the AO3 version, which is right here:

(Inspired by the song "Oh Fionna" by Rebecca Sugar from Adventure Time)

“A mind full of chaos, my madness unending. The void in my heart kept growing and growing. But all of it ended with a bittersweet wedding. Star-crossed forever, finally together, my dearest Timpani."

Lord Blumiere adored watching the majesty that were sunsets. They were his favorite time of day, a time where he could be with nothing but himself. They were calming and pleasant, perfect for thinking of ways to make another sweet memory with his love, Lady Timpani. Luckily, when he finds a certain instrument someplace, a magnificent idea comes into his mind: A serenade! Not only would Timpani would completely enamored by one, but the song would be the perfect gift for her! However, despite the practice Blumiere put into it, keeping it secret from her... is another situation.

"The one who brought me out of my dark memories. Attracting my soul with her heart made of purity. Fluttering into view is the loveliest lady. The love of my life, my wonderful wife… My Lady Timpani.”