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Tippi by Violetheart4081



Ah yes, Tippi, everybody's favorite rainbow butterfly Pixl from Super Paper Mario.

This work is actually a redraw of an older Tippi I made on Pokemon Art Academy long ago. The older piece has details than this updated one, which includes enhanced colors and a better design in general. I especially adore the background, which may or may not reference a certain special part in the SPM credits. ;)

Next up... A fanfiction?! A Super Paper Mario one at that?!?! Which revolves around a certain pair of star-crossed lovers?!?!?! This should be intriguing~ (In addition, the fanfic will be the last of my older pieces I'll be showing off. Afterwards, it'll be newer, fresher content!)


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        she flap. she go "..." and ":3" (in the manga) a lot. she rainbow. she precosu. :3
        w h o l e s o m e b a p !