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The One Who Watches The Stars by Violetheart4081

The One Who Watches The Stars


25 June 2020 at 09:24:50 MDT

Who is this character, you may be wondering? Well, it is none other than an OC of mine! While this drawing of mine is fairly nice indeed, I'm afraid it does not wholly give her justice. Once given the perfect chance, I'll be sure to create a proper character ref, but for now, here are a few simple facts about her:

  • Her name is Nic!
  • She is... a Kirby/Halcandran selfsona of mine. Yes, I've said it.
  • She really likes stars! (After all she is the one who watches the stars hehe)
  • Also she has a relationship with Magolor but what kind??? I'll get to that part eventually!~

I'll post another Nic-related drawing later today. This time, it'll show something really interesting about her. ;)