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Stairway to the Stars by Violetheart4081

Stairway to the Stars


The last writing piece I'll be showing from my Creative Writing class! Although it is the last, it it certainly not the least.
Stairway to the Stars, as I like to refer to it, is "one-third dystopian, one-third fantasy, and one-third supernatural." On an additional note, it is also slightly inspired by the webcomic Homestuck (Note the inclusion of zodiac signs within the story). With it being one of my longer class pieces, it certainly has its fair share of plot and planning, but that's simply what makes it intriguing to read.
(Warning: There are very, very few curse words within Stairway to the Stars, but there should not be enough profanities to present a major warning.)

Would you go up the stairway to stars?