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The Hunter and The Hunted by Violetheart4081

The Hunter and The Hunted


This is one of the last writing pieces I made for 2019. Therefore, I'll get to showing off my actual drawing artworks before I continue with my other writing works. :)

The Hunter and The Hunter is truthfully not something I made for my Creative Writing class. It was for a Mythology class I took, which I also had last year. Since the teacher was a bit on the slack, careless side, he just wanted us to make pretty much anything (Greek) mythology related. Since I personally liked writing, I decided to make this piece, which is supposed to have real Greek elements incorporated into it. Even if it was bit on the lengthy side. I still liked how it came out. I hope whoever reads The Hunter and Hunted likes it too. :)

(Next up, actual drawn artwork! Wow! I'll be showing some of it off tomorrow. :) )