Mojo by ViolentFumes



15 July 2015 at 17:22:14 MDT

My fiance and I dug out our 3DS's a while ago and started playing Pokemon again, together. It's put me in a giant Pokemon kick and I've really been wanting to do portraits of my ideal party if I were able to have a team in real life. This is the first of seven that I intend to do.

This is my Persian, Mojo. Ideally he'd be more of a traveling companion rather than a genuine battler, staying by my side rather than in a pokeball. His moveset reflects this. I imagine that I would've originally gotten him as a Meowth, gifted to me by my mom or dad as a pet, and when I began my journey he decided to tag along to look after me. He wears an Amulet Coin on his collar, paying remembrance towards the time when he was a Meowth. This also serves as a symbol of luck and somehow convinces battlers to give me more money!

Name: Mojo
Nature: Naughty
Moveset: Power Gem, Hypnosis, Bite, Shadow Claw

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    He's absolutely gorgeous!

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    yes i think a persian would be an ideal pokemon to have as well<3 thisis awesome. i love the blend of realism and your own twist on it

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      Thank you so much!! I had a lot of fun playing with the style of this one and figuring out how I wanted to personalize this species of Pokemon; I'm glad that you feel the final result ended up being an attractive combination of my own style and the idealistic reality of the Pokemon! c: