Gejoct Updated Stand Anim and Details [MUGEN] by VinVulpis

Gejoct Updated Stand Anim and Details [MUGEN]


16 May 2013 at 10:15:16 MDT

I think Gejoct is gonna end up being the first of MY characters I release for MUGEN (not including any commissioned characters I still have on task). Something about him I just can't seem to resist working on with my own roster lately. I guess it's because my project is largely about him.

Probably gonna make a page for him on my site soon. Shouldn't be long before I have him and a handful of other characters functioning in the engine, walkin and jumpin and such. I have so much fucking time now, I'm excited.

Anyway, this is a much nicer, cleaner sprite and animation than the one I made a long while ago for him. Still has that sort of wind effect around him. Since Gejoct moves very little when he doesn't have too, I wanted some other way to still have interesting movement on his idle animations, and show a contrast to how still and focused he is. So, a little big of a wind effect to his aura I think works nicely.

Specials I have planed for Gejoct:

QCB, F + ATK : Evil's Banishing - Command grab, launcher. Gejoct will step forward and attempt a grab. Light variant will have no warm-up, but no forward step. Heavy variant will have a moderate warm-up, but a decent advancing range. On contact, Gejoct pulls the opponent to him and using his back hand to create a burst that launches the opponent high up. Cannot be blocked or rolled past. EX version makes the the enemy unable to recover from fall, no warm-up, strong variant's advancement.

HCF + ATK : Guardian's Will - Counter attack. Gejoct still takes damage, but returns damage based on that. Is invincible during counter animation until cool-down. Gejoct gains a short regen boost on success. So He can punish heavy strikes, or heal a tiny bit of off light strikes. EX version does more damage.

D,D + ATK : Shadow Bind - Smoky shadow stretches about 5 feet in front of him on the ground. Character caught not low guarding gets stunned and Gejoct does one of 3 follow up attacks (based on L,S,H buttons used) . Moderate Warm-up. One of the few longer warm-ups he'd have. Since he tend to have longer cool-downs instead. EX version has long reach.

Charge D, U + ATK : Hibeian Meteor - Gejoct dives in arced line, from tall and close to a short and far arc. When foe is caught, Gejoct latches on to them and creates a smoky burst that floors them and Gejoct dives backward. Must be air/high guarded. EX version is homing and faster.

Super Specials:

QCB , F + SPR : Dark Rift - Gejoct creates a miniature controlled black hole the pulls his foe in violently and does damage upon contact. Smaller but much stronger version of Jeibu's Dark Rift. The black hole is smaller, but the gravitational pull is twice that of Jeibu's and the damage is stronger.

HCF + SPR : Guardian's Retaliation - Gejoct enters a state in which he collects damage. Player can enter the command again to do a special attack the returns damage based on hits he receives while in this state. Attack still builds power when Gejoct blocks, but much more so when he's directly hit.


D, D + SPR : Dark Mealstrom - Gejoct gains invulnerability and summons a storm that quickly forms at the top of the screen. He than pulls the storm down in a spreading v-shape or tornado shape that eventually screen-wipes. Opponents right next to him and above him are hit instantly. The attack does more damage the further away the opponent is. The expanding screen wipe can be dodge-rolled past, since it starts slow, but accelerates quickly. Very long cool-down, as it leaves Gejoct drained for a moment.

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