[Animation] Mischief Maker, Mango by VinVulpis

[Animation] Mischief Maker, Mango


15 April 2019 at 14:43:31 MDT

This critter is actually a really old one, that started out as a parody, many many years ago. Two years ago, I reworked his design into this form, but never did anything with it. He's been in limbo for a long time, so at long last, here he is. The fabulous Mango Meloan. I worked on him over the weekend and showed him off while I was at CecilCon, at my table.

In some ways he still is a parody, but far less focused on any particular thing, instead, a fun, somewhat world breaking character that I have a lot of goofy antics planned for.

Mango is a type of "Murrese" critter, from a far away world outside of the local cluster of worlds where the rest of my critters are from. Seeing a Murrese critter is a rare sighting, as they often don't venture out from there part of the galaxy, Mango's about to become a big exception. Thing tend to get weird when Murrese critters are around, especially when any critter not from the Murrese world starts to venture closer to it. They take on many forms, and have many strange behaviors ranging from silly, suggestive, or down right creepy. You could consider it the "Rock Bottom" of this galaxy. 

Mango is one of the more sociable ones, actually a flamboyant extrovert to the extreme. He sets out to explore and find "trouble" anywhere he can find it as a sort of "chaotic neutral" critter of sorts. No really care in the world, and not taking anything seriously, just looking for a fun time, all while being as fabulous as he can be.

He is the only playable Murrese I plan to make. He ins't particularly strong, or at least he doesn't seem to be, but he is clever; having many tricks at his disposal to play with any foes that cross his path. His move kit will be chaotic and can summon other critters like him, to add to the shenanigans with plenty of cartoon antics. I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this critter.

The animation is 16 frames. Done in Aseprite.

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