May Poems of 2018 by Vinchenzo the Jackal


Dreams of wonder, dreams of surprise, things to ponder, things to analyze.
Dreamed of those, dead and lost, yet energetic and pleasant, happiness not a cost.
Dreaming a world, exciting fantasy, wondrous potential there, just for me.
Yet I also dream of fear, on some night, it brings a tear, of cruelties not right.
And so the poem comes to and end, to talk of those nights my friend.
Many dreams of many things. Many nights of many new experiences.
Many thoughts to attend, this waking story now at an end.

Life Vent

Sorrow, boredum, depression, day after day repetition, aimless wandering volition, structure based around oppression.
Internet friends, best friends, our life online, to our ends.
Where is our way where is our purpose?, no reason, logic seems flawed I suppose...
everything comes, everything goes, where-ever, everywhere, nobody knows.
Following a path, evading wrath, following in line, I say "I'm fine.",
but I'm not, my heart, it slowly starts to rot.
Where is the meaning, where is the way, time starts to pass, my mind begins to decay,
where do I go?, just where-ever?!, everything seems to suck forever.
Let me be in peace, leave me sane, let me write poetry and play computer games.

Two Happy Poems

Happiness found, Paradise acheieved, Joy is had, I feel so relieved.
Sorrow gone, Enlightenment seized, Life feels good, On glee I feed.

Sadness, replaced with gladness, the pain, from which I refrain, end of sorrow, for the good day tomorrow.
A happy tug, from a mother's hug, family joy, for the heart of an old boy.

Mixed Feelings of My Life

I'm happy, I found myself, I'm sad, my prison realized.
I put hangars onto this shelf, as I use introspect, my life is sized.
It's not the best life, not the worst, in the past, of this I cursed.
Ill thoughts be gone, if this is my story, I'll sing long.

My Great Life Lesson

The greatest lesson I've ever learned, of knowledge of which I've yearned,
To appreciate what little I've got, and be happy with my own lot.
To be happy with what you have, rather than be sad with what you have not.

Best/Favorite Learning Lessons

I like to learn about what I see, I greatly enjoy what I read,
Whether I learn alone, with friends, or family,
discussing it gives me more than I want, and it will give me all that I need.
Sight, Discovery, Speech, three methods of learning,
that of which I value, for teaching me all that I am yearning.

Lessons of Discipline

Example is that of which I enamor, Punishment is what I fear and abhor,
Of all Lessons of Discipline, the best society does ignore.
One leads and teaches not by brutality, but by that of logic and rationality.

May Poems of 2018

Vinchenzo the Jackal

9 June 2018 at 14:04:27 MDT

A collection of Poems from May 2018.
They range from a variety of topics, feelings, and themes.

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