Friendship Poems - April by Vinchenzo the Jackal

Connor's Goodbye Poem
You are a friendly face, in a dark place.
To sa goodbye, would make me cry.
See, thank you, C.

Goodbye Fears
To lose every friend I had, would make me sad.
To lose all I hold dear, feels me with fear.
I need them now, and in all ways how.
I love my friends, to all our ends.

Friends Save Me From My Abyss
A friend till the end, a friend pulls me up again,
friends will always be friends, pulling me up from the ends...
A friend will care, a friend will talk, a friend will take me on a walk,
friends are away from home, I'm never truly alone,
internet and phone calls, friends waiting at the malls,
I have some good friends, pulling me up from abysmal ends...
I couldn't survive, if my friends did not revive, my broken beaten soul,
I could surmise, how they keep me from being victimized, always saving me on a roll.
My friends are my best friends always taking me away from my ends, love all my good friends.

Friendship Poems - April

Vinchenzo the Jackal

24 April 2018 at 18:03:11 MDT

A bunch of poems of Friendship I've written this April about goodbyes and friendship.
Theme was friendship. Random poems written across 2 weeks.

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