Werewolf on the Edge of the Imperial City Part 2 by Vinchenzo the Jackal

My new friend needs me, the two of us are in the forest, injured, but his injuries, are not the kind you will recover from on your own with time, unlike mine.
An old den, likely once a bear's home in the far distant past, a sanctuary I had used on rainy nights, is currently the shelter I and my armored pal will use until is safe.
Hopefully, I can find something to use that is medicinal to ensure his recovery, my healing skills, are not the best, but I have relied on the forest to provide for me for many years.
If it could provide for me in the past, it can provide for me now. If anything, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, moss, alchemical reagents, can be found through-out the forest, and, if I manage to reach my cottage, I could get some alchemy supplies, useful enough for me to make salves and basic potions.
I tell my friend my plan. "What if you don't manage to get what you need?", He says. I mention grimly, "The only other way you survive these injuries is to boost your regenerative capabilities... I... could turn you..."
He turns disgusted, "Hells to that! I'd rather die than become a werewolf! No offense though, but you might be able to live as one, but I can't!" "Understood" I respond, as it would make sense that he could sympathize with me in my state, but would not want to exist in it.
There is little time left for the night, and the safest time to raid my cottage for my alchemical gear without a nozy guard noticing is now.
I rush through the woods, only to see that there is two men at watch there, likely for the fact that the Guard they wouldn't want anyone snooping around the home of a werewolf.
I have a window out back, a wheelbarrow to go on to reach and open it too! Sneak in, and out, fast, its simple, right?
The windows don't have locks, and have hinges, and can be opened. It isn't going to be hard getting in with something to give a short boost.
I look around one of the four rooms that make up my home, go grab a Mortar And Pestle, and Alembic, a leather belt of straps and vials, and attempt to go out the way I came in.
jingle jingle go the vials. "Hmm? What was that?" My hearing picks up. I begin to quicken going out the window, using my Bedside Dresser as a step up and out...
Quick is not best! Wham! THUD! As I go out the window the dresser falls over. The guards shout, "Someones's inside!" "A thief!" "Quickly, we'll get him before he escapes!"
But... I'm already running with a belt of vials around my waste and gear held in my arms as I go through the forest. I think someone is getting demoted at best, whipped at worst.
As I go through the forest, I notice a rabbit, and the sun rising, I feel hungry, and I can't help but think food is in front of me. I can't help myself. Time to hunt.
I drop my gear, and the rabbit runs, I charge forward on all fours, it tries to run through brush, but I leap over the obstacles to the clear spot ahead where he comes out, he is startle, and attempts to double back... I swipe.
The poor creature is swung with great force into a tree, it hits with a thud and cracking, it won't survive that strike. If it does, it won't live long. The sun finishes rising. I feel... different.
I didn't need to do this, poor rabbit, but, at the same time, I do need food, and hunting for my companion back at the den will help. It's a meager meal, and I got to tend to his... "Damn!" I grab the rabbit and follow my tracks.
"Thank the gods." I sigh in relief. The Mortar and Pestle and Alembic is still there. I worry as the woods are indeed a place for things to go missing, whether travelers, hunters, foraging alchemists, and more, if you drop your belongings, someone is bound to find them.
As I return back I keep an eye out for anything at all to help tend to my friend, yet, I find little. Spanghum Moss, good for absorbing blood, stopping bleeding, Corpse Caps, surprisingly these white caps that grow near dead animals have healing properties when mixed into potions, Wasp's Honey, fights infections and good in potions for healing and fortification of physical traits.
I make it back to the den, and I notice my companion has removed his steel greaves, torn some of his clothes to make a turnicate for each of his legs, and he has attempted to remove the arrows from his back with moderate success. He speaks pointing in my direction noticing me looking him over, he does the same to me.
"Ugh, by the Gods that took a while huh. Your human in form... and in rags, and... carrying a lot... dare I ask what are you doing exactly... what that rabbit and that... thing?"
"I'm going to make us breakfast and make a potion to help heal you. Oh, and, you messed up removing one of the arrows in you, you should let me help you with that." I tell him.
"Yeah, I should mention I can only be on my legs a short moment, and my back enters intense pain from the slightest touch, so I'm not moving from here and not wanting to be touched. Mind making the potion first, then this 'breakfast'?" He says.
"Removing that arrow lodged in your back should be a priority, much like the potion, but I'm happy to follow your directions for now... just give me a moment to set up." I tell him.
I have a chunk of hive filled with honey and corpse caps, which I grind both of into gelationous paste in the Mortar and Pestle. Then using the Alembic I heat the wet mush in a metal cup till it evaporates up a tube and drips down into a beaker for gathering.
"Potion is done... at least, I hope it's potent enough." I tell him. "Well, worth a shot, it looks like its pale ale... hope it tastes decent..." he responds. He drinks the vial containing it... he coughs.
"Tastes bitter, and and not even worth being called an ale." He says, laughing and coughing. "Potions aren't meant to taste good, they ae just meant to work. Much like medicine and stimulants." I respond. "How long?" He replies. "How long till what?" I say. "Till something... oh?"
We notice that his wounds shrink in size, though they are still there. Suddenly though he yells, "Argh!, dammit, it feels like a knife stabbed my back!" He cries. "That arrow is still lodged in your back... we must remove it immediatly!" I cry, realizing his back won't heal if the arrow stays there. I yank it out.
"Damn it!" He yells, shoving me, "Warn me when you yank it!, Lord that hurts!" "Sorry, I just had to remove the problem before the healing effect would be wasted." I say.
I go away from him a bit. He looks disappointed, and upset. I worry I made him discontent... "I should probably be more grateful anyways, let's focus on the fact your doing an act of compassion and kindness... and... I honestly, do appreciate it." he grumbles. "I should have not only been more careful with that arrow, but also explained the reasons to remove it in detail... I apologize..." I reply.
Suddenly, he gives a strange comment, "Its not raining, but my back feels wet." "I think I realize the problem and I can fix that." I say. I take a scrap of my sleeve and coat the inside with the spanghum moss, and wrap it around him. "Wait, are, am I?" He says startled. "Taking that arrow out might have made it possible for the healing effects of the potions enable you to regenerate the damage to your wound faster, but you'll still be able to bleed, especially from an arrow just newly removed... but this will prevent further issues."
"I guess we'll focus on breakfast now? I wish we had more than a single rabbit for us both... but I should be thankful... we're alive... and I'm recovering from my injuries." he says. "Indeed... much to desire, much to be thankful for." I say.
We eat as much as we can of the small beast, leaving very little behind. "Mildly filling, maybe I could find more for us to eat?" I said, my companion responded, "Could use more food, maybe some flavoring too. That meat wasn't as bad as the Potion mind you. By the way how does a potion with honey taste bitter?" he said, with me responding, "Still focused on that? The sugar component from the honey crystallized on the outside of the cup in the Alembic. It would have effectively left the compound behind. Besides, the potion was made using Mushrooms not well known for a desired flavor."

Werewolf on the Edge of the Imperial City Part 2

Vinchenzo the Jackal

13 March 2018 at 17:36:07 MDT

A werewolf lives on the edge of the Imperial City, coping with life, and struggling to co-exist alongside humankind. But with most of the Imperial Guard and Imperial Legion on his tracks, how will he survive? With what few friends he makes in his adventures, he must survive, and hope they will survive as well.

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