Fox. Purple. Asahgfashd.

Done some random stuff here and there, mostly video and machinima.

Hobbyist VJ, have been twisting visuals at following cons:
NordicFuzzCon2016, Eurofurence21, Finfur Animus 2015, Finfur Summer Camp 2013,2012

Some of the machinima clips have had some recognition in film competitions and festivals outside the furry fandom:

  • Past|Beyond - 1st prize - University of Western Australia 6th Machinima Challenge "Reflections", 2013
  • RE:VIVE - 3rd prize - WD Project: Sci-Fi Film Challenge, 2013
  • Sun Dog - 3rd prize - Project Homeless Short Film Competition, machinima category, 2014
  • Sun Dog & RE:VIVE - Machinima Expo 7 Official Selection, 2014
  • No Mans Land - 2nd prize (joint) - University of Western Australia 7th Machinima Challenge "Borders", 2014
  • No Mans Land - Veterans Film Festival, Best Film Commemorating WWI & Best Machinima, 2015
  • Don't Look Back - 4th prize - University of Western Australia 8th Machinima Challenge "Pursue Impossible", 2015


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Vilvi Rae

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Eurofurence21 dance visuals

on 26 August 2015 at 16:36:22 MDT

EF21 was really exceptional for me, because I got my share of screen time on that awesome new stage (with all those lights and lasers and everything). Got to spin and torture some pixels to accompany the great Eurofurence DJ’s, about two hours on every dance, somewhere around midnight. If you have images or videos, please link them, I would appreciate that very much. I would love to get any kind of feedback about my set!

Thousand times thank you to krautimercedes and everyone else in the EF staff who made this possible on this very short notice. You work wonders.

My VJ set had some material that should to be properly credited:
(Not all of the material was used)

Drawn images by following wonderful artists, who let me to use their art:
lumi, snowshadow, neko-maya / Neotheta, nautilusta, twistedpherret, exonx, gideon, snowyzi, hohtosusi, anterolynx

Fursuit images

Fursuit clips
eastsidewolf / Randon - suiter
kaarlo - camera

Lovely Finnish SL peeps who helped with some vids:
frionil, nautilusta, twistedpherret, JP Bradders, Lada Furpaw, kaarlo, kuraihan, furguest772 / Rasconza, Ash, Zes

Creative commons VJ clips by god-like Beeple, some modified
Licensed and public domain clips, including sweet old cartoons
Gif animations by awesome T.J. Fuller, used with permission
Few uncredited silly rl animal gifs

All other stuff was generated or created by me and clips were mixed and synced in real time.

As for EF22 next year? I have a feeling that I will be there again with all new material. ;3

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