Stargazing with a friend by Vilanova

Stargazing with a friend


20 July 2014 at 18:58:25 MDT

"It's not our mistakes and flaws that define us but it is what we do after we commit and fall to them that truly defines us"

"Your friends are those willing to stand by your side and aid you with no sense of gain keep to them keep them by you and always know there is room to grow"

This is both a wonderful work By :kukkiisart in DA and I as a gift to a dear friend and one who inspires me to continue on forward

"Stay Gold"

The blue tone just really makes me reminisce of my times a lone where I wish I could just gaze at the stars and to be able to share that time with a good friend who has been through a lot in his life. She really out did herself here. I mean look at it. I could see this being in a manga! This is just so beautiful as the low blue glow of the night sky shines on us like this leaves me in wonder and joy you even have Lance looking hurt as he tries not to allow to be held out of sorrow.

sorcererlance on the left
Vilanova on the right

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