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Beast of Flood by Viergacht

Beast of Flood


A commission for Cryptarcane of his character Demerui.

Again, I had plenty of artistic freedom and a wonderful character reference sheet by AedenSolus to inspire me. Ever since visiting the Iziko South African museum and getting to see all their therocephalian fossils on display, I've been wanting to draw a gorgonopsid and this was a perfect opportunity, although this is obviously a more fantasy based take. I struggled with composition at first, but I was doodling while listening to an in-progress version of one of Piet's band's new songs and came up with the idea of the water rushing and twisting around him as if he was summoning & controlling it, which fit in with the character's described powers. I tried to give him a gleam of intelligence in the eyes.

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    Oooo. Permian era Therapasid's! And you gave a great life like pose and possible look***. Permian animals, particularly the proto-mammalid like creatures have been underrepresented in the fossil reconstruction art.

    ***Extra points for guessing at how to flesh out said creature. Though coloration and fur, hairy feathers, frills or other hide features will always be speculation. It's nice to see illustrators try to put some flesh on 'dem bones and avoid the stretched skin over bony frame look still plaguing many a prehistoric fossil creature reconstruction.

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    Always welcome your posts.

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    Definitely some of your best work.

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    Oh man this is totally wicked! Really love the sense of movement from the water, and the character is pretty damn cool too. Looks like it could be a book cover!

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    This is INTENSE. The light effects are so incredible

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    This is utterly terrifying in the best way.

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    Voted best animals of permian <3