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23 May 2016 at 04:00:13 MDT

The most well-known subdivision of the ForceCom Major Command Tactical Operations Command (TACOPCOM) is the Covert Operations Group (COG). The COG embodies the primary mission of TACOPCOM and is charged with the recruitment, development and maintenance of two primary groups of special forces units: Hunters and Skyraiders, both attached to LandForce. Although other specialties exist such as electronic intelligence, these two subdivisions form the primary direct action arm of TACOPCOM. COG forces are generally attached to LandForce for operational command purposes, however their training and equipment come directly from TACOPCOM.
Hunters are a specialized LandForce role focused primarily on individual teams or small units, who perform clandestine operations in advance of standard LandForce units or in support of such units. Hunters are highly skilled in marksmanship, fieldcraft, sabotage, and reconnaissance, and are LandForce's premier long-range sniper unit. Hunter Sharpshooters are equipped with the devastating M198 PIER (Precision Interdiction, Extreme Range) rifle, an electromagnetic anti-materiel railgun with an effective range in excess of 6km. Coupled with precision rangefinding and spotting equipment as well as real-time trajectory calculation and correction, Sharpshooters deliver crippling precision firepower against soft targets from well beyond the operation envelope.
Skyraiders are extremly agile, hard-hitting, flight-capable Powersuit variants. Although they are much less covert than Hunters, their specialized nature has distinguished them from typical LandForce Line Suits and made them an integral part of COG operations. Skyraiders, also known as HIMAAPs (HIgh Mobility Aerial Assault Powersuits), are outfitted with lighter armor than Linesuits, however this minor shortcoming is augmented by their powerful Composite Assault Weapon and Jump-pack. Skyraiders deliver incredible devastation against hardened targets from the air, and form the armored first-wave fist that wipes out any planetside resistance within a prospective landing zone in preparation for more typical LandForce units to arrive. In addition, Skyraiders perform aerial reconnaissance and interdiction roles in support of LandForce operations.

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