I am Veder Vicenti, and I represent the violent, three-gendered Vandragildt species in their quest to be rent asunder for your entertainment.

The tattoo across my left eye indicates that I'm Mantle - a peacekeeper, essentially. The less-often-drawn tattoo across my right eye indicates that I'm an artist.

The thumbnails for my images should be pretty self-explanatory. The bigger the red triangle in the upper-left, the more objectionable the content is to main-stream. If you don't like it, don't click it, problem averted. :P

Consider this a pre-emptive 'Thanks for following!', because I don't shout 'Thanks for following!' very much. You can feel free to not thank me as well, I know you appreciate. But if you don't appreciate it you're welcome to tell me to shove off.



Quick Sketch, Single Simple Character
$ 30.00
add  Additional Character (Simple)
$ 20.00
add  Detailed Background
$ 50.00
add  Flat Colors
$ 20.00
add  Full Character Detailing
$ 20.00
add  Full Shading
$ 40.00
add  Make a Simple Character Complex
$ 10.00
add  Simple Background
$ 20.00

Sci-Fi and/or High Fantasy Short Stories

Per Page
$ 30.00
add  Adult Content (per page)
$ 10.00

Price increases as I create things I don't care about. Check out my gallery and it should be pretty straightforward to determine what I do and do not care about, but feel free to ask if you have questions.


A story involving characters, settings, and plots of your choice. Give me free reign or give me strict parameters and let me paint you a wonderful wordstone. (You get a RTF/DOC)


Everything starts as a Quick Sketch of One Character, which comes with simple props of your choice (weaponry, headsman's blocks, simple clothing) for free! Mix and match the other options to your heart's content.

A simple character has up to seven limbs (that's room for two arms, two wings, two legs, and a tail), and up to one head (up to one head, yes). A complex character has more than seven limbs, more than one head, or very detailed accessories.

A quick sketch character has only minor detailing, such as clothing outlines and major wrinkles.


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    Thank you for following!
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    Just reiterating, you should make more stuff. I still wanna know how that story you were writing ends.

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