Commission Price Sheet by VibrantEchoes

Commission Price Sheet


31 January 2015 at 17:25:35 MST

I mostly like to draw and have expierence with drawing things like Pokemon, dragons, My Little Pony, and anthros/furries. If I'm asked to draw things that aren't similar to those, I can't guarantee it'll turn out well.

Please be aware that the prices I have listed are BASE prices and can raise depending on the overall complexity of your commission. Simply put, the more time it will take me to make, the more it will cost. If you ask for multiple characters, specific poses, backgrounds, complex designs, etc, you can expect the price to go up. If you don't agree with the price, then I apologize, but I will not bargain with you.

Once a commission is agreed upon, I will send you an invoice on PayPal to be paid within 4 weeks.

I will send a sketch of your commission for you to look over before I proceed further, so that you may look over it and request any changes that must be made. Note that these changes should ONLY be based on whether I got something you asked for wrong, not on whether you changed your mind about what it is you want entirely. Please also be aware that this is your only chance to ask for changes.

I accept NSFW commissions, as long as no fetishes I'm uncomfortable with are involved. These include, but are not limited to: Vore, heavy bondage, lots of fat, balloons, hypers, inflation, macro, watersports, incest involving parent and child or similar, transformation, diapers, scat, rape.

There are bound to be some things I simply refuse to draw. This is up to my own discretion.

Please be patient with me, I'm not always a fast worker when it comes to art. If I take longer than 4 weeks to complete your commission once it's agreed upon, however, I will give you a 20% refund. Paintings are an exception.

Any and all characters you ask me to draw must have an accurate visual reference. The ONLY exception to this is reference sheet commissions!

I accept commissions on a first come, first served basis. I have 3 slots, and once those slots are filled, no more commissions will be accepted until there is an empty one. No person may take more than 1 slot at a time.

You may repost your commission to your own gallery AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME FOR IT AND PROVIDE A LINK TO THE ONE I'VE POSTED.

If you don't tell me who to credit for the OC/fursona/etc drawn, I will assume they all belong to you.

Once the image is uploaded, it's final. I'm not changing anything after it's done, save for a simple, easy-to-fix mistake such as forgetting to color a certain spot.

If you are interested in buying a commission from me, or have any questions not answered here, please send me a note or PM!

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