Pokemon R/S/E Remix: Route 113 2 by VibrantEchoes

Pokemon R/S/E Remix: Route 113 2

Pokemon R/S/E Remix: Route 113 2


28 July 2013 at 03:45:24 MDT

** Remix Description**

Haven't attempted anything completely orchestral in a while... Especially without using any choirs.

I think I've improved at that. This is a pretty simple and somewhat repetitive theme (more so than MOST VGM anyway), so it was a bit of a challenge to make this longer than 3 minutes. There's only so many different things you can do with a theme like this while still keeping it fully orchestral, and orchestral drums always give me some trouble, but I like this result overall.

Artwork Description

Collab I did with DarkerSounds for my new Route 113 remix (I commissioned her to help me with it).

For a while working on this, there were some major problems, and I really wasn't liking how it was coming out, but now I'm actually okay with it overall now. The volcano still kinda stands out awkwardly but there wasn't much that could be done about it due to how the shading on it ended up... It was either make it really dark and have it stand out, or lessen the contrast but reveal how little definition it ended up with because of the shading. Long story short, we kind of failed at the volcano a bit and couldn't fix it, though we tried a few times.

Original © Nintendo

Remix, Gem, Klaww © VibrantEchoes

Sableye © Gamefreak

Submission Information

Multimedia / Remix / Mashup


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    Simple flow throughout, nothing fancy, gradual crescendo and decrescendo throughout, as well as more getting put into it, and letting the full melody come through. Very well done for saying that you haven't done anything like this in awhile, and without something you're use to. ^^