Inktober Day 28: Most Intense Boss Fight by VibrantEchoes

Inktober Day 28: Most Intense Boss Fight


28 October 2016 at 16:02:33 MDT

In morte ultima veritas
You will kneel before me
And you will confess that I'm God
Vincit veritas in omeni re
Send me your prayers
But death is the answer to life

Technically Magolor Soul is what I consider to be the most intense boss fight, but I also kind of count both boss forms of Magolor to be different stages of the same fight in a sense. It's just that the full fight isn't included outside of Extra Mode, kind of like how they did Star Dream Soul OS only in Robobot's True Arena. I dunno, it's weird and I can't fully justify drawing this form instead of the other, it's just that I wanted to draw it more I guess. I've had the image in my head since I first heard that song, and even want so far as to draw it early.

Anyway yeah it is not super fucking cool how Magolor Soul uses his own versions of the super abilities against you, including summoning two giant Galaxias? 'Cause I think that's super fucking cool and I can't think of any boss fight I find more intense both in concept and actual gameplay.

Magolor © HAL Laboratories

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