Rumbling the Roost by vetoknox

Rumbling the Roost


15 March 2019 at 18:00:21 MDT

Here's a wonderful collab with the equally wonderful MasterSauce!

Poor Blathers... He's got a big crush on his long-time friend Brewster but is too shy to admit his feelings. So the silly old hoot keeps stopping by The Roost to order a coffee in the odd chance that he suddenly plucks up the courage to start an actual conversation with the handsome, chubby pigeon. Unfortunately he hates coffee so his solution is overload it with fatty pigeon milk until it turns into a cup of cream and its starting to have an effect on the owl's appearance... and his now noisy digestion...

I created the sketch, he provided the linework and colours, and I put on the finishing touches! Hope you all love this underrated pairing of blubbery birds!