The Curly Fry Special by vetoknox (critique requested)

The Curly Fry Special (critique requested)


28 August 2017 at 17:00:15 MDT

"Curly Fry's Grill! We feed the Piggy in your Middle!"

Hey, it's that fast food place that's never in your area! Shame as you've heard all about how amazing they. Especially the stuff you heard about their legendary curly fries. Though you've also heard some funny rumours about what goes down at those joints. Anyway you move far away one day and you somehow get a job there. Unfortunately it's not so amazing behind the grill so you decided to take longer breaks then usual and eventually you phoned in sick whenever it was off day (which is all the time.) Inevitably, your uptight manager catches wind and sends you in to his lavish office. Strangely though he asks if you've ever tasted a burger here and you realise you haven't. He slides over the smelliest, greasiest burger you've ever seen. Says it's the "Curly Fry Special", named after the copyright-violating pig mascot who's on all the napkins you wrap the greasy slop in. He says if you take a bite, he'll look over your misdemeanours. You reluctantly take the offer as your teeth sink into the dank and greasy monstrosity. It's not bad? In fact, it's amazing! A revelation has hit you smack in jaw as you now have to try everything in this shack. The boss looks at your face and grins widely as he gives you the day off, which he knows you'll use to "pig out" as it were. You're a bit short on cash but you can improvise! Little do you know that you've just filled the position that no employee wants: Promotional Mascot! And the role calls for a little weight gain...

Happy late Hogust, everyone! I am so excited to bring you this sequence! It took a while but hopefully it was worth it! I had to bring this one early as I couldn't wait!