A Sleight of Hand by vetoknox (critique requested)

A Sleight of Hand (critique requested)


4 August 2017 at 17:16:20 MDT

...Can make all the difference! It seems this old-fashioned magician has missed his aim for the hat and is now pulling a rabbit out of himself! The spell has also seemed to have brought back past meals which he originally disappeared the consequences of to keep up his once supernatural figure. But luckily he can play it off like the professional he is and get a worthy applause from awe-struck patrons. Now, how to reverse this...

Merry Fat Bunny Week everyone! Let us all smile, cheer, and bust out the ears, tails, and most importantly, the bellies on this most wondrous of occasions! Here is my submission for the happiest time of the year for you all to enjoy! I was surprised by the lack of a good Magician to rabbit TF's so I thought I'd rectify that on the most perfect of weeks to do it!

May all your tails be poofy and your noses twitchy!