Veto the Owl Reference by vetoknox

Veto the Owl Reference


23 June 2017 at 17:52:06 MDT

Here he is, Veto the Owl! I decided he's come from the same place as Knox to have my continuity in my cinematic universe (wink, wink, Hollywood) but this time he's from a 90's Edu-tainment video game that was the bane/blessing of every early PC gamer that usually were given by your parents to "enrich your developing mind". I think you get the gist from the description: he's fat, nerdy, and loves every minute of it. The question is though, do you guys like him? If your worried about Knox, don't worry, he ain't leaving anytime soon! But as the new representation of moi, what do you think? Also, my new logo?

Leave your response in the comment section below (If you didn't know it was there up to this point, welcome to FA! Beware your innocent eyes, for there is no protection from how far we go...)