~ Vestra.. The Assassin ~ by Vestra (critique requested)

~ Vestra.. The Assassin ~ (critique requested)


25 February 2013 at 21:13:00 MST

~ Being obsessed with AC got me to do this! Lol Hope y'all enjoy and thanks for looking! ~

Art/Vestra: Me

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    Background credit is needed. The breasts are too large for the figure unless she is wearing some sort of push-up. It's unclear where the fur ends and the clothing starts. Her center of gravity is off- it should be in the middle of her feet or on the foot that she is putting her weight on. The coloring is incomplete and there are no shadows, besides inside the hood, highlights besides the sun rays, or shading to speak of. Your hood is extremely confusing. The ears do not align well with the hood. The shoulders are nonsupportive.

    That being said, your attempt at showing wrinkles is admirable; don't be afraid to try! You also are aware of the mass of thighs. What can be seen of the muzzle looks nice. You're just starting, but everyone's gotta start somewhere! (And if you'e been doing art for a few years, it took me 3 years to get any better than bad anime!)

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      Thank you sooo much for the crit! I will so fix this and re-upload a better version using your advice, Thanks again!

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        No problem! Though I'm always afraid to critique because I'm afraid I'm too harsh. XD