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Marcus Julius Vestinus Flavus by Vestina

Marcus Julius Vestinus Flavus



It seems since the time I have painted full portrait of my brother , he has been treating my drawing craft more seriously ...

I did the sketch of this painting 2 years ago. It was just a study work, an ordinary sketch.

Honestly I don’t know how, but looks like since I have been off my Pinacotheca where I usually place all my drawing stuff and sketches, he started poking around in my stuff and found this sketch. Then asked to finish it, also requested me to make additional NSFW version. Honestly, I don’t know why he asked for NSFW version. Probably he is going to gift such to one of his lovers ...

After all, he has been satisfied with both portraits! I saw his face the moment before he left the Pinacotheca with completed paintings. His face was so smug, that It left no any chance to think another way

NSFW(Cum) Painting

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