Pneumo, Vera & Snjólaug by Vera

Pneumo, Vera & Snjólaug


28 November 2014 at 00:13:22 MST

These icons I commissioned from fight just happened to be completed on Thanksgiving, and while I hate the holiday and all it supposedly stands for, it was convenient timing as I couldn't be more thankful to these amazing people, and thought I'd use the opportunity (or use it as an excuse) to brag them up... so please pardon the sappiness.

My fiance was my best friend for years before we became a couple in 2011; he has seen me at my worst, as the first two years we were together were the most miserable time in my life, and without him I wouldn't have made it through, seriously. He's the most honest, real person I have ever met. His pure goodness is something I can only aspire to have; too good for hate, anger, revenge, bitterness or greed (even when wronged so badly I can't say I didn't want to punch them in the face), but so strong, just and protective. And he keeps me smiling and laughing... I really, really needed more laughter and joy in my life.

I've been with my Thorey for almost a year now, and can't wait to finally meet her. She is the only other person besides my Nick who has been so genuine and good, it took me a while to fully trust that it wasn't too good to be true. She really IS a pure, kind human being without a vicious bone in her body; the kind of girl I always wanted to have and cherish and spoil (though she makes that difficult, with how much she spoils me!) <3

Thanks for tolerating my smushy-squashy sap :')

<3 batteryoperated svartaperlan <3

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    Yeeeeee this is a nice pic but an even better description ;w;
    You're so sweet and I wish that more people could learn to see this side of you more often!
    Pneumo and Thorey are lucky to have such a sweety~

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      awuhhh squeezles you ;u;

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    Awh that's such a sweet little story. I can familiarise with it about the boyfriend part ;w; - I'm just waiting to find my other sweetie of a friend who's pure and nice!
    Seems you've managed to find two diamonds~

    Such a cute little family :>!

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    They look really cute placed together there :)

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    ffffff ;_; ~clingsto~ I love you so much! I'll only make a sappy ass of myself by replying to your sweet words... irl I would be bawling all over you and covering you in tears and snot. so romantic, yes? <3

    these icons are so cute... roachy vera looks gorgeous there, protected on either side by her two white fluffs. <3

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      Most romantic ever! 8D
      Nice and cozy... ruffles fluffy white fur ;u; <3

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    Aww. Yeah, Thanksgiving can suck a big fat weenie, but I totally feel you on being thankful about your partner(s). My husband is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and there aren't enough words to articulate how I truly feel about him. ; u ;

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    Man, what I'd give for talent like that. Beautiful work!

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