Sketchbook Page - Rêve by Vera

Sketchbook Page - Rêve


8 July 2014 at 01:28:15 MDT

Posting a thing! Third full-body refined sketch thus far in the winner of my big sketchbook auction, Feyphoenix! Love their character, Rêve and can't wait to draw him several more times!

Be envious of the adorable, colorful plastic ice cubes in my Kasteel Rouge. I don't drink often, but when I do..

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    I love your trad stuff so incredibly much ;w; Those lineesssss!!!

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    plastic ice cubes--i thought it was food dye!
    Mmm, you have made some nice, soft-looking lines! I really love seeing drawings in their context,'s kind of like looking into another world, but seeing the sketchbook is like a reminder "yes this physically exists!" I really like the tone variations you got going on, and i definitely feel like the thick to thin variations in the lines are drawing the eye around the pose, there's nice focal spots.

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    @u@ so much love for this! It is going to be even more awesome when I get it in my hands :D

    *envies the cubes :I*

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    owwww looks really good :D

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    Your pencil work is amazingly good. OMG I wish I'd won that auction!

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    Your trad work is so good ;3; I love how the anatomy looks too, dang <3

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    Yesss, I love seeing photos like this of the artist at work :3