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Alt. Fursona Design by VenuShade

Alt. Fursona Design


For a while I've wanted to make a Hyena character.. I've got a lot of their traits [using Ed, Bonzai and Shenzi as examples] including their laugh XD

I wanted a simple yet complex character, and this is basically the colorful, happy, outgoing parts of me. the parts of me i'm still exploring.

There's UV/Highlighter grade rainbows in the mohawk and tail and also in the eye. soemthing colorful to contrast the otherwise dull appearance of mahogany, white and black.

I used Spotted hyenas as the base, added horns, mohawk came from young Aardwolves [civet hyenas], extra fluff from pictures of captive hyenas in the snow and Brown Hyenas.
legs are a mix, as are the teeth... I'm still working out minor details.

His name is Zeru [a secondary name I use a lot]. He is intersex/hermaphrodite... still working on what I want.

art and character © me

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    I really like it. Just...ah! The design has a lot I personally adore on a character. An attractive color palette, horns, and a beautiful pattern!
    Zeru is a-freakin' adorable! <3

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      thank you!

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        Would you mind terribly if I drew Zeru here sometime? I have a few delightful ideas and would love a chance to try him out!

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          so long as its SFW I have no objections!

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            Absolutely! Thanks much! <3