2014 Improvement Meme by VenomousSoliloquy

2014 Improvement Meme


1 January 2015 at 06:16:56 MST

AKA: 90% of my art faces to the left!

Although, most of my improvement memes have that particular issue. Haha.
What can I say... I like drawing people facing to the left. Although I am finally starting to fuss with figuring out full frontal images.
And ones that aren't just 'face to the left' in general.

Anywho. Not a whole lot of improvement this year, as far as style goes. Though, some fiddling with color, and ideas, and backgrounds.
It wasn't simply a year full of headshots either, which is nice.

September's image is actually another from August, as I wasn't fond enough of the only sketch I did in September to feature it in the meme.

Here's hoping I improve this year. I have a lot of plans, more practice with posing and anatomy, more practice with things I don't understand (lighting, color theory, etc)
More practice with backgrounds. And maybe a few less images of characters simply facing to the left in a 3/4ths view. Haha

Maybe some more paintery images here and there as well? We'll just have to see!


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