Sunbathing~ by Venny (critique requested)

Sunbathing~ (critique requested)


1 December 2012 at 18:10:45 MST

Xan, my rhino character, relaxing a bit at the beach :3.

Sketch is not mine! It's Taoren's (dunno if he has an account here yet)

I needed some coloring practice so here you go~

Colors by me c:

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    My critique take it or leave it!

    The colors flow very well, and work with the picture, however I'd like to help with your coloring, so you can improve greatly.

    1) The shading is almost too muted in some places, which gives a very flat feel. Try over emphasizing the shading and blending the edges to help with the transition.

    2) if half of him is under the umbrella, the lower half of his body should be lighter, not just his tummy.

    3)the hand under his hair should have shadows where the hair covers.

    You are on your way to a great start though!

    My tips!

    1) in one layer ontop of your background layer, note your light sources, this will help keep light sources even and help you keep tabs on what needs highlighting.

    2)Over emphasize shading rather than be too muted. It's easier to blend in and highlight rather than try to emphasize with muted tones

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      Thanks a lot for the critique! It will be taken in consideration c: