Zero Tolerance Gryphox on the Chase! by Velux

Zero Tolerance Gryphox on the Chase!


13 April 2013 at 18:32:44 MDT

Well, there's quite a back story on this one, so allow me to explain the idea behind it!

I'm a Resident Assistant (RA) here in a dorm at Kent State. part of the job is going on rounds around the whole place, just making sure policy is being enforced. Based on that,   dodgercr here made up this persona of "Zero Tolerance Gryphox" for Velux (Kind of like the Red Barron is to Snoopy). Apparently he loves how I go out and bust the unruly freshmen, hehe.

So we came up with the idea that Zero Tolerance Gryphox's distinguishing outfit is basically a mall cop uniform, because that's close to the same amount of authority we technically have when you think about it, lol. The ironic thing is that the rest of the accessories are what I really do wear when I'm on duty - cell phone on the belt clip, bluetooth headset in the ear, little reporter-flip notebook in hand... yeah. I'm that much of a dweeb. XD

So here I give you Zero Tolerance Gryphox chasing down   dodgercr , who has removed his boxers and is displaying quite a bit more than we'd like to be seeing! I think ZTG is hoping he hits a wall in his blind dash. =P

Art © crocdragon89

Dodger © dodgercr

Velux/Zero Tolerance Gryphox © ME