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Moirai Torion by Veldor

Moirai Torion


This is my newest D&D character. Moirai is a black half-dragon. His father is the leader of a mafia family. The hole on his snout is formed by his father's acid. His father often kisses him, but when his father is pissed at him, he adds a bit more acid to the kiss than usual. Below are the notes I jotted down while creating him.

Name: Moirai Torion

“When the family sends their people, they send their best. That’s why I am here now.“

The eldest son was send by his family to the continent of Talcellia. While the Torion family already has a small foothold on one of the islands to the east, the ever growing ambition of the head of their family has plans for more. In preparation for this he sent one of his sons to the region with the mission: “Find out the opportunities that we can take, make the friends that we need, identify those that we can extort and weaken those that are a threat.” However after a few months no more news was heard from him.

After this Moirai was send to Talcellia with the same goal as his twin brother. Only one point was added to the mission. “Find out who crossed your brother, and make sure that they won’t see another day.” With a father to make proud, a family to expand, and a brother to find. Moirai stepped on the ship that would take him to Nortoge.

As a high valued member of his family, Moirai has grown accustomed to living large and luxurious. A different lifestyle than the one he may has to face now.

While Moirai is able to do the dirty work of ‘taking out the trash’ he would rather have someone else do it for him. After he has had his time with the target to extract the information he may or may not need from them.

Moirai’s previous role in the family was to make contact and befriend those that were rich, powerful or had the right connections. With his intellect and charisma he was able to attend most parties of the nobles. Sometimes making his invite himself.

To Moirai there are a few different type of people. Those that are family. Those that need to believe that they are friends of the family for a long time, and those that need to believe that for just a short while. Those that can be ignored by the family. And the rare few that are a threat to the family.

Short story Time!

“Are you packed for your journey son? The large silhouette of his father was barely visible in the dimly lit room. “Make sure you don’t forget anything now.”

“Of course not father. I have prepared everything and then some. And of course I wouldn’t forget about you.” Moirai says as he walks towards the large black scaled creature. Standing on his toes he gives a quick kiss on the cheek. “I will make our family proud dad. And when all is finished, the two of us will meet you again together.”

“I know you will.” Moirai hears as the protective claws gently wrap around his neck and cheeks. “There is no doubt that you will make us proud.” For a moment Moirai sees a flicker in his father’s deep and otherwise always calm eyes. “But, you may need to prepare for the worst when it comes to your brother.”

“Dad! Do not say such words! We are the most talented people of the family! There is no possibility that he made such a huge mistake that he would end up dead!” Moirai exclaims before his snout is gently forced to close by the claws wrapped around him.

“I know Moirai. I know.” His father softly speaks to him. “But unfortunately for us, death is not the worst that can happen to a family member of us.” Upon seeing the confused look on Moirai, the mafia leader continues. “You do remember your cousins that ended up being, undesirable? And that you and your brother had to take care of them?”

“But father. We promised each other that we would work hard so that we could always be by your side. He wouldn’t.” Moirai stammers softly, not able to open his mouth completely.

“Of course Moirai. But sometimes people change, and it is up to us to react in the appropriate manner to that. Once you find him, you may be able to greet him with a kiss. But maybe a different gesture is necessary.” Moirai hears while he feels two nails pressing softly in his throat. “You understand that, don’t you?

“Yes father, I understand.”

“That is my boy.” Giving Moirai one last kiss on his forehead he whispers. “I may have already lost one child Moirai. Make sure I do not lose another.” Before finally releasing him from his grasp.

“Of course father. I will do what is necessary.” Moirai softly speaks. Once he left the room, he ended up wandering their family halls for some time. Ending up in front of the doors that led to his brother’s quarters. Entering it, he retrieved a wooden staff from there. The last item to add to his luggage.

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