Ballard of the introvert by Veesocks

Ballard of the introvert


5 November 2013 at 21:19:12 MST

Yes I am an Introvert

I won’t try to deny it

But it doesn’t mean I’m antisocial

Really, just that I’m quiet

And yes my friend I have a bubble

But don’t try to make it pop

I like being the way I am

Do you want that to stop?

I enjoy being by myself

But I get lonely too

But I don’t like crowds of people

So it’s better if it’s just me and you

I know that I look sad sometimes

But, really, I’m ok ^^

But, If I really seem upset to you

Ask. See what I say

Forgive me if I don’t talk much

It doesn’t mean I don’t love you

And certainly not that you’re forgotten

Im thinking of you too~

I know I seem like I don’t want to speak

But being shy isn’t the worst

Though m much more willing to talk to you

If you talk to me first

I am who I am my friend

I don’t want to convert

I still nice and sweet and fun

But still, I am an introvert~

I thought I should put this here before I started to feel stupid about this poem. XD

This is for all the introverted people~ Especially ones like me who are constantly told by their extroverted friends that they should "get out more and make friends"

Drew this up. Slapped some lazy color on it. I think shes cute~

I use Anime, because Imani isn't exactly introverted enough (and because Anime is supposed to be more like the real me)

And before anyone asks (and I know someone will) She does NOT have dreadlocks. Their braids. :3 Anyone who's seen me IRL knows my hair is almost always in braids~

Embrace your introvercy~<3

Poem and image © me

P.S. I need a ref for this girl. Just noticed I about completely forgot how I first colored her. XD

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