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♥ Short, sweet, and to the point-- that's me.

I'm five feet tall, a total lovebug, and I love you already let's be friends. ♥

Call me Vee or Tessa.

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Hello I'm Tessmarie, I like deer and and redheads and figure drawing. I'm a pretty lame teenager; I love my parents, I don't lie, I don't do drugs, and I wear my seatbelt. I've never been out of New England, and I suck at parking. I don't like rap music, I drive a pickup truck, and I work at a physical therapy office as an aide. I absolutely adore monsters so you'll probably see a lot of them from me. I am terrified of the dark, I love movies, and my favorite color is red. I probably will not initiate a conversation as I am a painfully shy person, but I do like to chat! Feel free to say hello to me if you wish ♥

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watercolor commissions open!

on 17 February 2014 at 19:43:27 MST

i haven't opened commissions over here at all yet, so i figured i'd see if there was any interest :> so, i'll be taking traditional watercolor commissions! no set amount of slots since i'm not even sure how many people will want one, so i suppose i will just take them one at a time and see how it goes c:

x -- x -- x -- x

• your final images will be better quality than the examples and will be scaned; i was unable to use my scanner when these example pieces were done, so the photos were taken with my ipad.

• any species/gender/sexuality/whatever is totally fine! i'm not excellent with birds though, and i have a thing about pigs so i'd prefer not to draw those ;///;

• no porn. tasteful nudity is fine!

• if you want the more detailed style, i will do busts or waist-ups.

• if you want the cutesy style, i will do busts, waist-ups, or fullbodies.

• these can be feral or anthro or human, regardless of the style you want!

• i won't be doing backgrounds for these, though i may add a bit of color in the background for free if i feel like it!

• all art will be lined and fully colored. shading will be offered at my discretion, depending on the detail of your character. it's harder for me to do shading on characters with a ton of markings, so if i don't think i'll be able to shade your character, i'll let you know!

i'm gonna do this in tiers.
• $8 will get you a bust or waist-up in the cutesy style.
• $10 will get you a fullbody in the cutesy style.

• $10 will get you a bust in the detailed style.
• $15 will get you a waist-up in the detailed style.

• +$3 for shading in the cutesy style.
• +$5 for shading in the detailed style.
• +$5 for a second character in the cutesy style.
• +$8 for a second character in the detailed style.

to-do list;
1. strongbear

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