Hello there. My name is V-drift. But you can call me Rocky or V (Rocky is my fursona's name). I'm a very kind wolfy. But I tend to get too kind sometimes. So if I ever get too kind, or my kindness starts to annoys you, please tell me. I will try to change for the better.

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The things I do... like forgeting these sites

on 14 January 2015 at 23:16:35 MST

I forgot about many sites I entered to. Including here. Chores and university really gets to me. And chores gets a lot harder to a point I need a vacation from my vacation.

Anyways, in a way, I am back, I suppose. Will upload some old drawings to finally have something in this profile of mine. And I really need to search a place were I can draw in peace. I always get called to do something at home. Be it when drawing or playing video games, or even homework. If only drawing were one left off the sketch was as easy as knowing after loading a game. Seriously, I keep forgetting what I am drawing once called to do something else.

What else? Ah yes. Some of you may notice I went into a bit of a um... let's say "Fave frenzy". My time is very limited right now. I try my best to comment on some of them. I hope you can all forgive me for not commenting even to just say "This looks great." or something like that.

Well now, time to work and do my best as an artist and to keep practicing.

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    Gracias por todos los favoritos, amigo ;3

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      Denada! ^w^ Casi no escucho mucho de ti. :) Quiero escucharte más.

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    Found you!

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      Hi there! ^w^

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    Thanks for following ^^

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      Your welcome. Although I should really update this place with at least some of my old drawings. And probably stop limiting myself on posting some art. Seriously, now I understand why my teacher said not to limit myself.

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    Te agradezco enormemente todos los favoritos, Rocky x3 abrazo enorme

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      Denada! Perdona por no poder comentar en todas.