toothy monsterrr by VCR-WOLFE

toothy monsterrr


25 January 2015 at 12:57:05 MST

theres a general thing known by people familiar with me irl, or at least have heard me, that i tend to have a more or less horrific, inhuman cackle rather than idek, normal people laughing??? what comes out of my mouth when i am gleeful is not human in any sense and i have friends who can attest to that and its great

anyways, thought about stuff and was sorta like, “yea but what if i created a monster based on my horrible screeching” and so i did. it was actually a bit of a tricky process…all i knew i wanted to go from was a clear focus on mouth and teeth, but i wasnt too sure where else to do. the initial designs were originally intended to be nothing more than dark, monstrous silhouettes with the toothy mouths standing out from the backdrop. some of the designs were more imp-like and humanoid, others were closer to the prelim sketches i included at the bottom of this photoset. in the end i chose to scrap that idea of a design due to it simply appearing a little too menacing. sure, im a person with a decently quantifiable amount of schadenfreude in me, but as much as i love tormenting my friends with terribly animated pixar ripoffs and weird internet videos, im not outright malicious. the designs had to go

later go abouts ended up with things closer to the colored design here. for the first time in what felt like…well, awhile, i sort of let things loose and went towards an old designing direction i havent really touched in years. im definitely not one to knock on brighter colors and zany designs but i do have a marked preference for pastels and specific color combinations. after a lot of thinking and scribbling though it seemed like a good fit for a creature based on my gently sadistic and loud sense of humor to be a horrifically colorful beast, for lack of a better phrasing id call this fella an outright sparkledragon and hot damn if it isnt a fun one

not sure what to name the guy yet, im thinking maybe Sour Belt? but we will see as i continue to develop them

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    Beautiful design! I love the colors. :>

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    I love everything about this one, from the color combo to the squishy but sharp angles in their posing to those little stick feet.

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      the stick feet are honestly what get me i tell u hwat

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    the goopyness of the mouth and how its drawn in motion is so so great, i can get a feel of how its head would roll around in action!

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    ok ok ok i gotta ask does their skin make a balloons-rubbing-togethersqueaky noise when you drag hands across their skin

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      ya thats p much it exactly ur spot on