fake it 'til you make it! a coloring guide by VCR-WOLFE

fake it 'til you make it! a coloring guide


20 September 2014 at 10:30:07 MDT

uhh,,,,since people showed interest in this sort of thing for me?

weirdly enough it....honestly kind of started out kinda joking and even self-depreciating bc i genuinely dont feel im the best person to ask for advice with art, especially with coloring. but uhhh, about halfway through makin this thing it sorta almost turned into an internally directed pep talk for my own self, as a person who is incredibly self conscious about their own abilities in what im demonstrating here and constantly worrying and fearing that im really not good enough at all with this sort of stuff or ever will be

idek man, im a huge sappy weenie haha. either way i hope yall get at least something out of this? yep

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    I really love this. Thank you.

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    Thank. Helpful.

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    YOU CAN DO IT, believe in your arty self >8u And hey this was pretty neat and helpful to see how you do it! :D

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    I love this guide, and it does help motivation wise!

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    Holy shit YOU'RE COLORBLIND? You do a great job faking it, I never would have guessed because your colored stuff is really really nice! Honestly I like it both before and after the adjustment at the end, but the purple-y finished product is so pretty and unified aaaaa~ Unfortunately I don't have the program you used here (Photoshop?) so I can't actually do some of the stuff you mentioned but OH WELL, I get what you meant by it.

    That last panel really really got to me too - I'm actually in the middle of a months-long art block right now. So thanks for saying it's okay to feel stressed. ;w; Because art is like. My only talent. So if I can't art then. UH??? But yeah. You seem to undertsand. :C

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      awah yea i am ;o; also mm, i use photoshop cs5 myself, but im sure you can find other ways to generally mess with this stuff? yea

      YEAH NO I....I FEEL THAT DUDE...art is like the only thing im good at so like...without that idek what id do ahhh

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        That must be so frustrating as an artist, ugh.

        Yeah, I'd have to more manually do some of the stuff you mentioned, but I kinda already knew what you meant by that last step of unifying it with the purple so. |D

        It's... yeahhh......... :C

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    you are a lot better at color than i am! i think it definitely comes down to practicing and allowing yourself to mess with stuff instead of giving up, which...i do have trouble with, haha. i'm getting better too, though, slowly but surely.

    also i love using limited color palettes, cause i dont really have a good understanding of color but i know the colors that are similar match pretty well and it makes me want to eat them also.