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ajna by VCR-WOLFE



23 August 2014 at 14:48:35 MDT

tfw you get so emotionally attached to a character only to have them brutally ripped away from you

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    Ah, she's an astounding character.
    I really liked that she was taller than her partner (even though, in my views, he used her from the same thing he saved her from, wowe, douche).

    I really wanted to learn more about her backstory (like was she related to the other person that caused explosions as well?)

    Either way, beautiful work with her.~ ; w;

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      YEAH i love that shes like...this lethal amazon of power. god bless her height

      TBH i kinda think like...even if she more or less was willing to help out and fight on zaheers side, there was probably definitely some form of manipulative grooming seeing as he saved her from being weaponized only to more or less have weaponized her himself. like i wholeheartedly believe manipulation played a huge part in this

      shame we didnt get to see more of her? or more of zaheers gang in general i think. we definitely got a lot of him but i wanted to see more of ming hua and ghazan too!

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        When he mentioned that small portion of his past, and how I saw him using her, I needed a serious moment.
        But most definite, the slight brainwash and manipulation, it played a huge part in this whole thing. Though, another part of me felt like he did have some sort of genuine feelings (as, from what I could gather) she seemed to be the only "earthly" possession he was unable to let go in order to gain his flying ability? Ahhhh...

        I'm REALLY hoping that there are side comics released where they show more of these characters 'cause they were really interesting (like the comics that revealed what happened to Zuko's mom).

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    I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. Those two episode was so emotionally intense for me, especially that part like woah I really didn't see it coming.

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    Ah man this whole group (that wasn't Zaheer, even though he was interesting in his own way) really struck me as fascinating characters each in their own regard, and it's a shame we didn't get more insight into who they were before the whole Red Lotus deal. I actually found myself more invested in them whenever they were onscreen than Korra and co. and that really speaks to great character writing and development. I cried actual tears when Ajna was done in, especially after that short bit of exposition on her past, gaaah.

    Ghazan seemed like such a cool guy, too. Feels like him and Bolin would have been great pals if their causes weren't at odds with each other.

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      zaheer was cool and all but i was much more invested in ghazan, ming hua, and p'li. especially p'li tbh i plan on doing at least one more piece of fanart for her, since she was so neat. i literally yelled "NO" really loudly at my computer when i reached the part where she bit the dust haha

      HONESTLY bolin striking up that little mini-friendship with ghazan was really fun imo? idek like i feel like yeah, bolin and mako being prisoners notwithstanding, that little sequence at least added some humanity of sorts to ghazan and even ming hua, they werent complete monsters, even if they were brutal in their own right. they had a cause they felt was right

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        Yeah oh man, I loved that little bit of dialogue between Bolin, Ghazan, and Ming Hua. It really made me smile, but I've also never wanted Mako to get punched harder when he interrupted them because they were "bad guys". Like seriously, you're not going anywhere, so what's a little conversation going to do?

        And yeah, a good "villain" is one that doesn't see themselves as doing wrong. Honestly, I felt conflicted at which side I'd take between the two, because they each had their own points. It's sad some compromise couldn't be made, but when you have radical ideals such as having no rulers, then a whole lot of people would not agree to that regardless of whether it actually makes things better.

        Let us also revel in the fact that so many of the groan-worthy things in this series would have been better if Mako weren't being Mako. :I

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    It's rare a show can get me to react out loud like I did watching those episodes. They were So Good but oh man... they hurt me in a way I did not expect.

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    I loved this character's design and you did her justice. Both of the girls were amazingly designed! Now I have a crush on Kuvira and I hope she's a bigass part of the last (nuuuu) chapter.

    That finale tore me up, man. It really is too bad that they had to go and kill the bad guys at the last minute again. Honestly, there is so much potential for back story and layering for these guys (I was mad about Tarrlok and Amon, too). I wish they would let some of the baddies last past one season. I am glad that they left it on an uneasy note with Korra, though; that's actually bothered me for the past few days lol. For the first time I actually care about the main character and it hurt to see her so helpless and depressed. I hope this new digital release thing helps to expedite the release season 4.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh my precious bby

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    This character and design is so great. She caught my eyes every time she was on screen.

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    she was soooo awesome, one of my favorite villains ever!