good old fashioned lover boy by VCR-WOLFE

good old fashioned lover boy


8 June 2014 at 13:19:40 MDT

I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things 
We can do the tango just for two 
I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings 
Be your valentino just for you 

Ooh love - ooh loverboy 
What're you doin' tonight, hey boy 
Set my alarm, turn on my charm 
That's because I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy 

as much as id like to present this anniversary gift to kss with some semblance of wholeheartedness i really cant fucking handle how enormously i draw my own hands, like hot damn thats some major yaoi hand syndrome ive got going on with myself

ok bye

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    you draw to the best songs wtf
    this is ridiculously cute!! Happy anniversary to you guys!

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    i have a shirt just like that shit, it is a rad shirt
    also cuties

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    you guys are still extremely adorable

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    at least it isnt a severe case like some individuals, or even the fatal cases. RIP

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    BUT I LOVES THE YAOI HANDS, they show how much room to grow on there is, either in his heart, or in body. ^^

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    Belated happy anniversary to you two cuties, I'm a month late, but hey, you two are still adorable so.

    Okay but I laughed when you pointed out the hands... How do the bracelets go on...