the ghost of gardenhill apartments by VCR-WOLFE

the ghost of gardenhill apartments


20 April 2014 at 13:01:20 MDT

experiment with unfamiliar colors, i suppose

theres rumors that go around about an old rundown apartment complex being haunted, sounds of shuffling and things getting pushed around and knocked over in the middle of the night.  the apartment complex isnt exactly known for having the safest history among the lot, maybe its a restless spirit from a murder or drug overdose or something

or maybe its some pasty emaciated kid barely living paycheck to paycheck while also secretly playing host to demons. that works too
oh theo you poor kid

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    I need to meet this kid, then.

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    As long as the demons pay rent. >:I

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    I really really like this, the colours are great, but also I love glowing eyes and shadows, yeah this looks rad.

    Also 'cause the shadow of his hand doesn't match up quit with his hand, is that an intentional reflection of the aforementioned demons?

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      tbh i really didnt care so much about accuracy as i did colors in this piece so theres a lot wrong w it in that sense haha

      but yeah demons works too

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        Aah, gotcha. Well, I think you got the colours down dang nicely. u-u