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:COMMISSION: 1OI - Raen Animated icon. by vayler

:COMMISSION: 1OI - Raen Animated icon.


25 July 2018 at 06:31:35 MDT

Commission for 1oi from FA of his fluffy anthro dragon Raen. Being content and winking to viewers.
Alot of fluffy parts and mane. Not an easy target to animate. but I hope I nailed it good enough.

66 Frames, Full version. Lots of fluffy moving makes every icon with fluffy character longer and time consuming to make. Still they are probably the best to watch on.:)

More learning of fast movement and better frame optimizations. :) and wink star.;3 Just wink star
Character Raen (c) 1oi
Animation (c) me.

Only 1oi from FA can use this.