:COMMISSION: Xeshaire - Lavilius Animated Icon by vayler

:COMMISSION: Xeshaire - Lavilius Animated Icon


14 March 2018 at 05:04:02 MDT

Commission for xeshaire of their gryphon character - Lavilius with his scythe and lamp in hands. :)

This wasn't easy but very interesting work. First animation with mobile light source - lamp.
I hope movement isn't too fast.
Also I didn't draw gryphons too much before. it was very valuable experience and I like it.

71 Frames, Full version. alot of character's idle frames because of moving background. so I made exclusion... for now.
31 Frames, FA optimized version. Unfortunatelly it's still hard to place more than 35 frames in one icon because of limitation 55kb. I wasn't able to save glowing and background movement. ;w; FA restrictions are really disapointing me. moving background doesn't allow for longer pauses of character making animation extremely 'laggy' and too big for limitation. Glowing creates too many extra colors also increasing size. So I made what I can to save at least both cycles of animation, even if they are a little bit 'lackier' and have bigger frame time.
FA version - https://sta.sh/01y0vjfqczif

Lavilius (c) xeshaire
Animation (c) me.

Only Xeshaire can use this.