:GIFT ANIM: Experimental - Some more coffee time by vayler

:GIFT ANIM: Experimental - Some more coffee time


23 January 2018 at 08:04:19 MST

Happy VERY Late birthday and Happy New Year, RusCSI.

This is very experimental animation. Unlike my previous animations, this one isn't pixelart and wasn't made in Photoshop.
It's After Effects animation. I was learning alot during those holidays, while being constantly dragged somewhere into city to be guest, to celebrate and other stuff.

Original size of it is 1980x1980, BUT im not going to make this mistake anymore... at least untill I will get more RAM.
After Effects is huge, scary and always hugnry MONSTER, it eats my 10gb like it's nothing and STILL works very sloooooowwwww.
Original amount of frames, converted in mov - 561frames... Bad Photoshop can't handle this amount, plus gif with such amount of frames gets ridiculously huge.
lots of colors got butchered, also I was forced to decrese amount of colors even further, it was way too big in size.

Also I had hard time making it gif. Im not sure what format I should use with those types of animations.
GIF - has low amount of colors, huge size and stupid limitation in 500frames, so this animation lost almost half of frames of original animation and lots of colors...
MOV - Middle size, okay quality, but limitted, not everybody have quicktime plugin, not every site can use it.
MP4 and AVI - HUGE size, good quality, not all sites use them too.
Maybe later I will try to upload something of better quality video format... though I dunno how yet.
Can you advice anything?

Also there is alot of troubles with transparent background. After Effect's puppet system has tendency to tear some parts of picture and leave micro parts and garbage pixels. plus white outline...
So I used background colors of dA and FA versions to decrease this issue... I need time to find way to not get this stupid issues, sadly Im out of time, since I need to make commissions for my supporters, it might be essential for my life in future, so... Need to hurry. :) ahah.
Maybe in future I will practice bone and puppet animations of After Effects more in future, to get more skills and understanding how all this works. If I will ever live long enough till it. XD ;w; My life can get difficult this year.

I really hope you will like it and was worth of waiting. <3

С Запоздалым Днем Рождения и Новым Годом. :3
Как бы даже небольшая традиция, делать экспериментальные работы с твоей соной.
В любом случае. Небыло просто. По первости разобраться с интерфейсом новой программы очень сложно а также очень слоупочно.
Мог бы лучше наверное, если бы знал как сделать прозрачный фон без всякого мусора и белой вуали. Так что пока так. Цвет фона подобран дАшный.

Helen (c) RusCSI
Animation (c) me Vayler