:Valentine Day: Crushed by 'Love'... literally.(Feb 2017) by vayler

:Valentine Day: Crushed by 'Love'... literally.(Feb 2017)


2 November 2017 at 07:13:20 MDT

Ah. February the 14th of 2017. I thought what to make for it very quickly... and still made it too late. I decided to make something really silly. Something I never did before.
So here it is. I decided to crush Vayler by sign of love... literally. While he tried to take this artifact to research station. Now he is kinda in the bad position, a little embarrassed and angry on this situation.

I didn't feel too good, so I decided that I will be making something else connected with my characters or gifts in parallel while I'm doing icon commissions.
I'm slowly going insane so I wanted to make something to calm down a little, and don't worry. I'll continue making commissions I already have been paid And will post in next few days the one I'm doing right now.

Vaylerous is squirming under the rock:
"what are you looking at?
I got stuck here by this human artifact.
What? what is that artifact? Well If I understand it correctly it's from human culture and it's called "Valentoon heart", I think, or is it "Valentin"? I don't remember. Weirdly shaped stone heart which in ancient human civilization symbolizes some sort of affection of one person to another.
Wait. I'm not gonna tell you everything about it.
Just help me to lift it already, It's hard to breath under it..."

Well At least he got lucky to not been impaled by reinforcement metal sticks.:/

I will add this and few older pictures and icons to groups later when will finish next little icon.

Vayler and art (c) me